A Guide to Addressing Selection Criteria

a guide to selection criteria

All  job applications to Anglicare WA require applicants to address the selection criteria outlined in the position advertisement.

To help with completing this, please see the handy hints below:

  • Use each selection criterion as a heading and address each criterion separately.
  • Focus on key words in each criterion and address all aspects of the criterion statement. You should state your level of experience and skills in relation to each criterion. For instance, if you are addressing a criterion that asks you to demonstrate your knowledge, you might write about attending a course or past experience where you gained that knowledge.
  • Please give relevant examples of your past achievements to support your claims. Providing examples of your skills, knowledge and experience will help the selection panel evaluate your claims against the criteria.
  • Try to make your statements as clear and concise as possible.
  • Use dot points wherever possible.
  • As a general guide, each criterion should consist of at least one to two paragraphs.

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