Emergency Relief

emergency relief

What is Emergency Relief?

Emergency Relief provides vouchers and financial assistance  to those in need.

Referrals to other Anglicare WA programs can be made including:

  • Financial Counselling
  • Personal Counselling

If you are a case worker seeking assistance for your client, please contact our head office to request an application.

Who is Emergency Relief for?

Emergency relief is for families and individuals in crisis. It is available to anyone who is actively engaged with a case worker, counsellor or financial counsellor.

How can Emergency Relief be accessed?

Emergency Relief may be accessed through a caseworker application. If you would like to access Emergency Relief for assistance, please consult your case worker to make contact with the Emergency Relief Team Leader.


Emergency Relief is funded by Lottery West. Private donors help to provide much needed assistance to our program.

Resources for Clients

WA NILS is a not for profit organisation formed to keep low income earners on Centrelink benefits moving forward with access to no cost credit. Created in response to the difficulties faced by low income households in obtaining affordable credit in order to purchase essential products and services, WA NILS provide small loans at 0% interest and no fees to help those who need it most.

This essential service assists those on low incomes to obtain credit from $200 up to $1,500 at 0% and not get trapped by rental companies, pay day lenders and other businesses that prey on the vulnerabilities on low income consumers. No Charges, No Fees, No Interest.

Click here to go to WA NILS website.

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