What is Reclaiming Our Lives?

Reclaiming Our Lives is a group program that supports women who have been or are victims of family and domestic violence.

The program consists of eight two-hour sessions held at a safe venue, where you can share and talk openly about yourself, your relationships and your family.

The program provides information about domestic violence but also encourages participating women to support each other emotionally and practically.

Each session focuses on a different topic.

Topics include:

  • Stress
  • Self-esteem
  • The big picture
  • The abuse cycle
  • Dynamics of emotional abuse
  • Anger enemy or foe
  • Children
  • Legal Issues and conclusion

It is desirable that the Changing Tracks program for men will run at the same time as the women’s program for maximum benefit to each partner.

Please note the program will not run during the school holidays to ensure lack of childcare does not affect your ability to attend the program. The program will be open to new members only in the first three weeks to allow sufficient time for the phases of effective group life to develop.


To find out more, please phone your nearest location.

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