What is Reclaiming Our Lives?

Reclaiming Our Lives is a group program that supports women who are or have been subjected to family violence and/or abuse.

The program consists of nine two-hour sessions held at a safe venue, where you can share and talk openly about yourself, your relationships, and your family.

The program provides information about domestic violence but also encourages participating women to support each other emotionally and practically within the group environment.

Each session focuses on a different topic.

Topics include:

Managing Stress
Discussing strategies to manage your stress

Moving Forward
Life after an abusive relationship, the possibility of new and nourishing relationships

Supporting Self-Esteem
Exploring self-talk: You are worthy. You are valued. 

What is Domestic Violence?
Understanding the many different behaviours which are identified as ‘Family and Domestic Violence’

Dynamics of Emotional Abuse
Domestic violence is not only about physical violence

Understanding Anger
Looking at the helpful and unhelpful ways anger can be expressed

Supporting Children
Understanding the impact of Family and Domestic Violence on children and how we can help them come through it

Exploring Legal Issues and Rights
Explaining the legal system, your rights and where you can go for help

Please note: the program runs during the school term and is not delivered during the school holidays.

The program will be open to new members only in the first three weeks to allow the group to develop and move forward together.

The Changing Tracks Program is another program we deliver, available to support men who identify involvement in the Cycle of Abuse. This group also runs weekly on a different night to the Reclaiming Our Lives program.


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