Parent Wellbeing

New parents face a great deal of adjustment in their lives. The challenges they face include:

  • New physical and emotional routines
  • New financial demands
  • Changes to their lifestyle
  • Changes within their relationships
  • Learning to understand and meet the needs of their baby

It is not unusual for parents to struggle with juggling all of these demands. Sometimes parents will forget to look after themselves while they are focussed on looking after their children.

Fortunately there are professional services and organisations that can assist. Anglicare WA’s Parent Wellbeing initiative was designed to help parents and people transitioning into parenthood to identify areas where they might need help and guide them to the appropriate professional services. The project has developed an easy to use screening tool that  can be used to evaluate areas in which parents may be at risk. A group of supplementary resources, including tip sheets and a referral list are also available. The ultimate goal is to ensure families are happy and healthy.


To make an inquiry please reach out to:

Christina Marcelino Aliivaa
Phone: (08) 9263 2062

Screening Tool - Parent Wellbeing Checklist

Tip sheets

These tip sheets provide useful information and advice for parents and people transitioning into parenthood.

How am I adjusting to becoming a mum or dad?

How is my relationship adjusting?

How am I coping?

How am I dealing with feelings of irritability and anger?

My use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs

My level of support and connection to the community

My relationship with family members

How my past experiences are affecting me

My financial wellbeing

Referral List

Below is a categorised list of services available in the Kwinana and Rockingham areas.

Literature Review

This literature review examines best practice models, screening tools and assessment tools currently being used in the parenting and child health sectors. The gaps identified in this review were used as a starting point for the development of the Parent Wellbeing Checklist (see top of page).

Feeling lost?

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