Corporate - Family & Domestic Violence Manager Training

This half day course is designed to provide an introduction to Family and Domestic Violence with practical ways to support staff with lived experience in Family and Domestic Violence.  This training is suitable for organisations wanting to raise awareness within their teams.


This course will discuss:

  • Definitions, prevalence and community perceptions of Family and Domestic Violence (FDV)
  • The behaviour, attitudes and beliefs of perpetrators of FDV and the importance of accountability within the systems that work with victims and perpetrators in the management of collusion
  • Survival modality and ways of working alongside the victim
  • Self-care strategies for workers

This Workshop is suitable for managers and staff looking to gain an understanding of Family and Domestic Violence.  It is a springboard for further organisation wide discussions regarding policies and procedures.  The course provides scenarios to provoke these discussions and provides a guide on where to find assistance for those in need. 

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