Autumn Appeal

For families on low incomes or government benefits, day to day living can be incredibly difficult.  The cost of basic needs - food, clothing and accommodation - often remains well beyond their meagre income. We need your support to ensure nobody goes without. 

Meet Belinda

"I had to make difficult decisions between what essential things I could afford to pay for, and those I had to let go."

A single mum with two teenage children, Belinda lives on a Disability Support Pension. Belinda’s priority is her children, so top of her list is putting three healthy meals on the table each day. But after her rent is paid, money is very tight.

A treat like going to the movies is well beyond her means, and it was heart-breaking for Belinda to explain to her boys that they could not join their classmates on the school excursion to Canberra. 

Belinda is no stranger to tightening her belt, regularly juggling her family’s needs each fortnight down to the last cent.  Belinda makes careful choices when she shops and buys only essential groceries. She has taught her boys to be very economical with water and electricity at home and she makes good use of second hand clothes. 

However, there are simply no more savings she can possibly make as her income support fails to keep pace with cost of living and surging power bills.

Belinda reached out to Anglicare WA for help and we responded, immediately referring her to our Financial Counselling Network which provided support and organised some food assistance.  

As a result, Belinda found she was eligible for a WA No Interest Loan (part of the Anglicare WA network), which allowed her to service her car and purchase a new fridge on a low cost repayment plan.   

Without this support, Belinda and her family would be in serious financial trouble, vulnerable to high interest lenders and at risk of losing her home.   

How you can help

It’s no surprise that we rely heavily upon the generous support of donors and we want you to know we are grateful for every single donation we receive. 

Please donate today and help us support struggling families just like Belinda's.

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