Accidental Counsellor

East Perth , Australia
23 Adelaide Tce
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(08) 9263 2122

Accidental counsellors are people who may not have formal qualifications or counselling experience but find they are placed in a counselling role by accident, as a result of requests for help from friends, colleagues, clients or others. This course will introduce participants to basic listening skills to meet the immediate needs of a person in a state of crisis. This workshop is not an introductory counseling course but rather will prepare participants to respond appropriately when a person presents as distressed. Topics covered by this workshop include situational assessment, qualities of effective listeners, limit setting and boundaries, responding in a crisis, debriefing and self care. Download all the details below.

Fee: $240 incl GST

Accidental Counsellor Information Flyer - 5 February 2018.

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