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By leaving a gift to Anglicare WA in your will, you reach out a helping hand to future generations, supporting struggling families, victims of abuse, the homeless and many others longing to live their own meaningful life. Your compassion will truly live on.

Leave a gift to Anglicare WA in your will

Each of us strives to live a principled life, hoping to leave the world a better place. Our personal values underpin our journey, helping us to build a meaningful life.

Even at the end of that journey, it’s still possible to honour the things that mattered to you in life.

Be sure to make a legal will

Did you know that the courts can decide who administers your estate and handles your financial affairs if you don’t have a will? We recommend that you contact a Solicitor or Trustee company to assist you in drafting your will.

Leaving a gift in your will to support Anglicare WA needn’t cost anything now, but it can go on to change thousands of lives in Western Australia.

How to include Anglicare WA in your will

It’s quite simple to leave a gift, or ‘bequest’. You choose which type of bequest best suits your circumstances (we’ll be happy to discuss the options with you) and then you have appropriate wording included in your will.

We recommend that you seek professional legal advice in drafting your will. It’s also important to discuss your intentions with your family. 

Information for executors, trustees and solicitors

How to add a gift to your existing will

If you already have a will, you can pledge your gift by simply including an addendum. This will require a document called a ‘codicil’. As long as it’s drafted correctly, the codicil will be considered part of the will.

Let us know

We would welcome the chance to thank you in person and invite you to join our bequest society, Friends of Anglicare WA. Please contact us directly in any of the following ways unless you do not wish to be acknowledged:

Post: GPO BOX C138, East Perth, WA 6892
Phone: (08) 9263 2091

Frequently asked questions

We have a list of frequently asked questions that will help answer the burning questions you may have and ensure your bequest is put together correctly.

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Contact us

Get in touch with our Philanthropy team for a chat about including a gift in your will.

Phone: (08) 9263 2091

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