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Leave a gift in your Will

Regardless of the size, we consider this the highest form of generosity and so will the individuals and communities you will help – thank you. When you leave a gift in your Will to Anglicare WA your wishes and your generosity can continue on for future generations to come.

What is a gift in Will or Bequest?

Although this is an emotional subject it should be one that should be discussed: what happens to your assets, money, estate, and other belongings when your journey in this world ends? The answer is that you create a last Will and Testament to decide where these all go. When you leave something to a family member it is an inheritance. When you give something to a non-family member, organisation or charity this is a Bequest or gift in Will.

These gifts are often symbolic of your relationship, your passion, your connection, your life. For instance, a friend of yours may have always liked a set of antique books that you own where no one else did and you thought that the books would be a great parting gift to your friend to remember you.

Similarly, a charity or cause that you are passionate about and connected to. Leaving a gift in your Will to that charity is a final wish of good will and hope. Symbolically you become part of that cause. And with Anglicare WA you will always be remembered (if you want to) within our Friends of Anglicare Bequest Book.

With your big heart and a little planning, we can tackle causes that you are passionate about.

How to include Anglicare WA in your Will

We recommend that you seek professional legal advice in drafting your Will. They will discuss all matters, including providing for family members and friends. It is also important to discuss your intentions with your family if you can.

It is quite simple to leave a gift, or Bequest. You choose which type of Bequest best suits your circumstances (we will be happy to discuss the options with you) and then you add the appropriate wording included into your Will.

Information for executors, trustees and solicitors

Let us know about your gift

We just want to thank you.

Any information you provide to us remains confidential unless you are comfortable with us thanking you appropriately and openly. Should you wish, we can also keep you up to date with our services and programs, and the positive impact they have on the community. We also welcome the opportunity to understand your reason for leaving a gift.

If you would like to be acknowledged or let us know of your intentions of generosity, please contact us.

Events, advice, and information sessions

Anglicare WA hosts information sessions on a range of topics, with guest speakers that will support you with planning your future.

Through these sessions we can connect you to the right people to help you with your needs including financial planners, real estate agents, lawyers, retirement homes, priests, and funeral directors. These events have been very popular and useful, covering topics such as retirement, superannuation, end of life matters, planning your estate and many others.

You are also welcome to contact us directly for more information.

Write a legal will at Anglicare WA Wills Events

Together with some of our pro bono professional and caring lawyers and staff, we can support you to ensure you have a legal, working Will that can reflect your wishes and your life.

Anglicare WA's Wills Days are friendly, informative and valuable for your piece of mind. 

For a small contribution to Anglicare WA, you will receive a Personal Information Booklet and other materials to help you plan for your Will. When you arrive, we will welcome you with refreshments, answer any questions you may have and make sure you have all that you need for your appointment. We will then introduce you to a trusted solicitor that will draft up your basic Will. Drafting your Will will take between 30 to 45 minutes.

Please note: Codicils, complex Wills, Power of Attorney, Guardianships, Trusts or other services may incur a fee. All further charges, if any, will be discussed between the client and the lawyer and agreed upon prior to any services commencing. These fees will be at a charitable rate.

We can also arrange a confidential and comfortable appointment for your private group. For more information, send us an email or call 9263 2076.

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Frequently asked questions

We have a list of frequently asked questions that will help answer any questions you may have and ensure your bequest is put together correctly.

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Get in touch with our Philanthropy team for a chat about including a gift in your will.

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