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Regardless of the size, we consider this the highest form of generosity and so will the individuals and communities you will help – thank you. When you leave a gift in your Will to Anglicare WA your wishes and your generosity can continue on for future generations to come.

What is a gift in Will or Bequest?

Although Estate Planning is an emotional subject, it's worthwhile discussing what happens to your assets, money, estate, and other belongings. By creating a Will, you decide where these all go. 

Inheritance: When you leave something to a family member. These gifts are often symbolic of your relationship, passion and connection to your life. 

Bequest or gift in Will: When you give something to a non-family member, organisation or charity. 

Gift example: your friend has always liked your set of antique books, so you decided to leave the books as a great parting gift to your friend to remember you.

A gift to a charity: This type of gift is a final wish of goodwill and hope. Symbolically you become part of that cause, and with Anglicare WA, you will always be remembered (if you want to) within our Friends of Anglicare WA Bequest Book.

How to include Anglicare WA in your Will

It is pretty simple to leave a gift or Bequest. You choose which type best suits your circumstances (we can discuss the options with you), and then you add the appropriate wording to be included in your Will.

We recommend you seek professional legal advice in drafting your Will. They will discuss all matters, including providing for family members and friends. If possible, we advise you to discuss your intentions with your family.

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