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Frequently asked questions about leaving a bequest

A bequest is a gift left through your Will. At Anglicare WA, we truly appreciate the honour of being named as a recipient of a bequest, and do all that we can to ensure that the legacy of the supporter is honoured.

Wills & Bequests FAQ

Why is having a Will so important?
How do I prepare my Will?
When is the right time to write a Will?
How do I leave a gift to Anglicare WA in my Will?
Do I need assistance to write a Will?
What is an enduring power of attorney?
What is an enduring power of Guardianship?
If I include Anglicare WA in my will do I need to let you know?
Is Anglicare WA a charity?
What is Anglicare WA's ABN?
What are Anglicare WA’s contact details?

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