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Spring Appeal

When Karen* came to us, she was trying so hard to make ends meet whilst still dealing with the trauma that her and her daughter had experienced. She was shattered and desperately looking for reprieve. - Kelly, Anglicare WA housing support worker

Karen had endured years of violence and abuse at the hands of her drug-addicted husband. Her daughter Tash*, having witnessed the cruelty, struggled to focus at school creating tension with not only her teachers, but also her friends. She was becoming increasingly isolated, disconnecting from those close to her.

Recently, Karen and Tash fled their abusive life, moving into their own apartment.

It is small, and they have limited furniture but at least they are safe. 

Karen and her daughter, Tash

Due to a mountain of debt inherited from her time with her husband, Karen is struggling to pay the rent. She has been forced to use high interest credit cards to keep the collectors at bay and a roof over their heads. 

To make her life even harder, the vehicle Karen depends on to run her cleaning business broke down, leaving her stranded and unable to service her clients or get Tash to and from school. 

Karen’s ability to provide for her family as well as her independence and confidence is rapidly disappearing.

You have the power to help those like Karen

Thankfully, Karen has found her way to Anglicare WA and to her housing support worker, Kelly. Together, they are working out a budget, negotiating payment plans and applying for hardship assistance to reduce her credit card debt and access crisis funding. Tash is still finding it tough. She has nightmares and is having some trouble adjusting at school but has had her first appointment with Anglicare WA’s Young Hearts program, a dedicated counselling service for children who have experienced family and domestic violence. 

Situations like Karen’s are sadly not unique. We are seeing more and more cases with people in distress and in need of crisis funding and support to get by.

But you can make a difference. 

Please give a gift today and help families like Karen’s get the urgent help they desperately need. 

Your donation could shift someone’s future from abuse to empowered independence.

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*names changed for privacy reasons

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