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Jan 8, 2017

As we surface in different ways from Christmas and holidays we often think about New Year Resolutions - fitness, love life, smoking, drinking, work/life balance seem to dominate much of this thinking and “wishing”.


I came back to work as CEO of Anglicare WA and decided I needed to do a Christmas Wish for Anglicare WA!  Strangely enough the themes are similar!


Anglicare WA clients wish for a stable and loving family in an affordable “home”!  They don’t want to be treated as second class citizens or as people who are seen as “bludgers” or the “undeserving poor”.  They don’t want a letter from Centrelink asking them to explain discrepancies in payments when they were completely unaware of it all and now have to prove that they haven’t done anything wrong.  Welfare fraud is miniscule, administrative errors are much higher and a sense of hopelessness and isolation for Centrelink clients are massive!  I think we need to have a community narrative which is about providing incentives and long term support to families in crisis.  It is not a “handout” it is a “hand up” and the savings through these type of social investment approaches are much needed in our community.


Anglicare WA wants to be part of the solution.  We are committed to innovative approaches to our work, in partnership with all sectors in the community.  We work across WA and we want to “turn the curve” on some “Wicked Social Problems” at a time when most of them are going in the wrong direction.  We want to play a leadership role in all of this, working alongside the 35,000 people and families we work alongside every year.


We would love you all to be a part of this journey in whatever way you can help.

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