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Jul 4, 2017

Anglicare WA is pleased to announce that from 1 July 2017, the No Interest Loans Scheme (NILS) WA, has become part of our network.

What is NILS and how does it work?

WA NILS provides loans that are either ‘no interest’ or ‘low interest’ as well affordable car and home contents insurance, and a matched savings scheme.

Eligible clients can access a WA NILS loan of between $200 and $1,500 and which has no interest, no fees and no charges attached to it.

Clients with a Healthcare Card, Pension or Veteran’s Affairs Card can apply, with loans mostly being used for essential household items and services.

Common examples for such loans include purchasing whitegoods, furniture, school uniforms, dental care, mobility scooters or paying for car repairs. 

This is not a cash loan facility and can’t be used for Bond, rent, holidays or bills.

There are some limits on loan amounts and loan items and this is explained fully on the WA NILS website.

How to access a NILS loan

Since 1999, WA NILS has funded over $17,000,000 in no interest loans with a highly successful repayment rate from clients of 97 percent.

WA NILS is a recognised brand, well known in the community sector with over 100 delivery partners that assist clients wishing to access a NILS loan.

These partners can meet face-to-face with clients to conduct a loan interview and then submit the loan application on their behalf to the WA NILS centralised office.

WA NILS is the only provider of its type in Australia that offers an online loans application platform that is mobile friendly, and which allows clients to apply directly if they have the tools and ability to do this themselves.

WA NILS also has two Microfinance Workers that provide the WA community with access to StepUP Loans. This is a different loan funded by NAB that can only be accessed by completing an interview with one of the Microfinance Workers either by phone or in person.

The StepUP Loan comes with a 5.99% fixed interest rate, and clients can borrow between $800 - $3000.

StepUP Loans are credit-checked but some allowances are made if client’s credit history is not completely clear.

For more information on the services offered by WA NILS, please call 9277 3000 or visit the WA NILS website.

For media enquiries please contact the Anglicare WA media team on 9263 2039 or

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