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Anglicare WA hosts national and international guest presenters and trainers. 

Upcoming Special Event

Perth MBC Practice Forum: Working with Men Using Violence and Abuse: Accountability in Practice

Held over 2 days, the Perth MBC Practice Forum is the first of a series of forums that begin important discussion about our work with men using violence and abuse in their families and communities.

With an increasing focus on perpetrator accountability in family and domestic violence services, AnglicareWA is bringing the following experienced and highly regarded specialists to WA:

  • Diane Coleman from BaptistCare NSW presenting a Supervision MasterClass
  • Practitioner Team from the Men and Family Centre, Lismore NSW

This forum will start with a Masterclass focusing on supervision practice followed by a “Call Me Dad” film screening and panel discussion.  The focus will then move to presentations and workshops exploring the implications of practice standards in men’s behaviour change work.  The Practice Forum will have a strong emphasis on women and children’s safety as the paramount consideration in our work with those using abuse and violence.

Highly recommended for MBCP practitioners, team leaders, child protection staff, corrective services officers, policy officers, family law consultants, drug and alcohol, mental health practitioners and those working in specialist integrated response teams, attendees will embark on opportunities to work with highly skilled and experienced practitioners and clinical supervisors.

By the end of this workshop participants will:

  • Have clarity about the importance of placing women and children’s safety as the paramount consideration in our integrated work with those using abuse and violence
  • Recognise the important role of the WA Practice Standards for Perpetrator Intervention: Engaging and Responding to Men who are perpetrators of Family and Domestic Violence in our responses to men using abuse
  • Gain pragmatic tools and skills to apply in professional work with men using abuse in their families
  • Build on and understand supervision skills and knowledge in specialist supervision for practitioners working in MBC
  • Network and share experiences across the relevant service delivery and policy sectors

East Perth Event

Date: 22 and 23 November 2016
Time: 8:45am – 4.30pm
Fee: $225 per person incl GST
Location: East Perth
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Previously we hosted

Rodney Vlais presented Complexities And Opportunities In Accountability For Men Who Perpetrate Family And Domestic Violence: What This Means For Community-Based, Civil And Criminal Justice Systems Agencies. The workshop was a huge success and many participants reported feeling up skilled in working with perpetrates of Family and Domestic violence.  We are delighted to be hosting a regional workshop in Broome on March 11th 2016 with Rodney.
Alan Jenkins presented "Reactive to Responsive: Ethical Interventions with men who have perpetrated violence and abuse" as part of our Family and Domestic Violence 2015 series. Alan is
a director of NADA and have published many articles the most recent being "Becoming Ethical: A Parallel Journey with Men Who Have Abused".

Anita Morris presented a workshop designed to cater for the needs of practitioners working in family law and child protection on understanding the child and children’s relationships in the context of family violence.   

Dr Jennifer McIntosh presented "Considering the ‘Best interests of the children’ through a developmental lens". Jennifer McIntosh pioneered the development of child informed divorce mediation practices in Australia.

Dr Rebecca Coleman returned to WA to deliver her well received ‘MAP Time-In: Using mindfulness and self-compassion to repair the parent-child relationship’ training course.

Helen Glover on her first visit to WA presented a forum for the community sector on “How do services embrace the possibilities of a recovery framework.”  Helen is nationally and internationally recognised for her work with recovery-oriented practice within Mental Health Services.

Topical Issues Sessions

From time to time Anglicare WA delivers short information sessions or half day sessions. 

Watch this space for the next Topical Issues Session

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