Above the Line

"We are a wealthy country and our people should not have to struggle to feed their children and put a roof over their heads."

Is poverty acceptable in WA? What should we do to support people living below the poverty line? What do Western Australians really think of JobSeeker and other benefits?

As leading community service providers and the peak body for social services, we wanted to better understand our community’s views and understanding of poverty, and what needs to be done to address it. In June 2020, we conducted a survey of people from across our State focusing on these issues. The results are presented in the Above the Line Report.

About the report

This report, published in August 2020, provides a deep insight into the perceptions of poverty in our State, and the attitudes of Western Australians towards those living below the poverty line.

Take action

The Above The Line report makes one thing clear:

Western Australians believe poverty is unacceptable.

Right now, the Federal Government is making decisions about what support is available for Australia's most vulnerable - people and families that have been lifted out of poverty overnight, and then plunged back into it just as quickly. These choices, made by our elected representatives, will impact the lives and futures of almost 250,000 people in WA alone.

We know that change can happen - but it needs your support.

What you can do

With your networks

  • Share information, resources, and passion with people you know
  • Follow Raise the Rate For Good (#RaiseTheRateForGood) and Above The Line (#AboveTheLine)
  • Challenge misinformation about poverty when you hear it

In your community

Send a message to your Federal representative (we've put together some templates below to help you get started).

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