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Welcome to the 2020 edition of our Believe newsletter! The Autumn 2020 edition showcases some of the transformational work Anglicare WA has embarked upon and the difference that your support is having on the Western Australian community.

Message from our CEO

Mark Glasson, Anglicare WA CEO

The human spirit is an amazing force. It never fails to come to the fore in the face of great adversity. And as Australians, I think we are marvelous at stepping up when the chips are down.

Over the last few months, we’ve witnessed horrific bushfires raze large parts of our continent, especially on the east coast, although WA hasn’t been immune either. As a nation, we’ve been shaken by their brutal ferocity.

The compassion, generosity and humanity that has emerged from the ashes has been of epic proportion. Seeing people roll up their sleeves and help – whether they’re volunteering in the fire fight, helping in the evacuation centres and even donating has been more than heartening. I’ve found it genuinely moving.


The bushfires have awoken a realisation that we as a community can be the catalysts for action. If we truly want a caring and compassionate community, we must be the change. Anglicare WA has always been at the forefront of supporting the most vulnerable in our community and pioneering services to have the greatest impact. I am committed to Anglicare WA always being a force for change for those who need it most.


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