Advocating for systems change

Anglicare WA provides a wide range of services in family violence, homelessness, financial stress, relationships, mental health, disability, youth services and parenting. We draw on our experience in 55 locations across the State to develop customised services for each community.

Through this work we have also learned about the systems, laws and policies shaping people’s lives in negative ways and holding them back. Systems that keep people in poverty, keep people out of the workforce, and prevent people from getting the support they need.

We want to tackle some of these structural issues head-on to support Western Australians, prevent problems and remove barriers to people thriving.

We aim to do this by conducting research, participating in public campaigns, engaging the wider community and influencing social policy.

In 2019/20, our advocacy is focused on:

We have chosen these areas to leverage our direct experiences with communities because we see these as the best way to contribute to positive social change in WA.

Community Actions

We are asking for your help to secure sustainable State Government funding for the community services sector to meet growing demand. A coalition of charities – including Anglicare WA – have launched the #YourHelpWA campaign to gain public support for our causes.

As many of you will know, the rate and extent to which our services are funded by the State Government has been lean at best, and is falling further and further behind what can be considered viable for many programs and organisations.

We have had to make cuts and increasingly rely on our generous Donors.

Negotiations have been progressing with the State Government, but too slowly given the urgency and need for our services in the community. As a consequence, we are now seeking your support in the campaign.

If you are interested in getting involved or learning more about our advocacy initiatives please visit our Advocacy pages or contact Myles Kunzli, our Advocacy Lead on

How you can help

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