Doubling joy at Christmas

One of our supporters has come up with a way of honouring his loved ones with presents in the Christmas season, and connecting his living to his understanding of the generosity of God as expressed in the Christian proclamation of love and generosity in the birth of Christ.

He realises he has been troubled for decades by the invasion of ‘retailmania’ into the Christian story (imagine a lovely manger scene and a chimney on top for Santa), yet he greatly enjoys giving and receiving gifts with the family, and enjoying meal times together.

In recent years he has found a way to bridge the two experiences to his satisfaction. In late Advent each year he tallies up the amounts of the gifts he has purchased for his family and friends and gives that equal amount to Anglicare WA to continue our work. In this way he celebrates Christmas twice!

In a sense the giving to our work at Anglicare WA extends, for him, the giving with family and others and ties it all to the giving of God to humanity in the birth of Jesus. We at Anglicare WA are grateful for this innovative gift giving idea, and invite others to consider joining with our supporter in this generous way of marking the Christmas story each year.

We are grateful for all donations to Anglicare WA. Your generosity allows us to support some of the most vulnerable people in our community - children, young people, men and women alone, and families.

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