St John Ambulance in the community

We support over 40,000 Western Australians every year, with demand for our services ever increasing. Of those, over 10,000 are children.

We are so grateful to have compassionate organisations working with us to support our communities across the State. For the second year in a row, Anglicare WA was the recipient of the St John WA Christmas Giving Tree campaign.

The campaign asked St John staff members throughout the state to take a gift tag from the Christmas tree located at their local depot and then buy a child’s Christmas gift. The 2019 St John Giving Tree campaign has provided joy and a true sense of Christmas to hundreds of Anglicare WA clients from Broome to Albany at what is often a particularly tough time of year.

One of our clients explained that she had cancelled Christmas due to having no money to get the children Christmas presents, and this gift meant that they could all have Christmas again for the first time in three years.

Their 9-year-old stated ‘I can’t believe other people want to give us things. We couldn’t have Christmas last year but now we have ALL the presents!’

Children with christmas gifts

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