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Feedback and Complaints

Anglicare WA welcomes feedback and suggestions for improving our services.

Our commitment to you

Anglicare WA dreams of a just and fair society where all people thrive. Individuals and families make valuable contributions to the community. We recognise this and want to build on their strengths. We are serious about providing quality services and to ensuring that people understand their rights and responsibilities.

We are committed to:

  • promoting social justice, respect, compassion, empowerment, independence, non-discrimination and integrity
  • promoting access and equity
  • respecting diverse cultures and religions
  • ensuring our staff are positive and respectful
  • providing universal access to all of our services
  • providing timely and relevant information
  • continuous improvement in our service delivery to all people
  • meaningful participation by all in the development of our services Anglicare WA is legally obliged to report concerns when we believe a client, staff member or member of the community is at risk of harm.

If you access Anglicare WA services, you have the right to:

  • be treated with respect
  • be protected from any inappropriate behaviour
  • receive our services without discrimination
  • discuss any concerns you have and have them resolved where possible
  • receive information and options
  • provide feedback to our services
  • have your privacy respected You have the right to question, complain or share ideas about our services.

Feedback and complaints

You can provide a compliment, complaint or suggestion by:

  • Telling any Anglicare WA staff member
  • Calling on 1300 11 44 46
  • Emailing us at
  • Writing to:
    Complaints Department 
    c/o General Manager - Practice Excellence Anglicare WA Inc. 
    GPO Box C138
    East Perth WA 6892
    Mark as “Confidential”

For complaints and feedback relating to child safety, please email

We encourage you to give us feedback and promise to provide a safe environment for you to be heard in. The purpose of our complaints system is to improve our services. We are interested in what you have to say and we will ensure that complaints are dealt with respectfully and quickly.

Please remember if you have a complaint, it is best if you first speak to the person the complaint is about. We understand this is sometimes not possible or difficult to do. If you prefer to speak with someone else or have raised the issue directly and it is not resolved, you can speak to the program coordinator or manager.

If you are not satisfied after this, there are a range of options which the coordinator or manager will inform you about.

Complaints will be dealt with quickly, fairly and politely, and you will not be penalised for expressing your views.

The agencies below will be able to provide you with assistance and support when lodging a complaint:

  • HaDSCO 6551 7600
  • Ombudman’s Office 9220 7555


Support with submitting feedback or a complaint

Feeling lost?

Anglicare WA offers a wide range of services and with more than 50 service locations across WA, we’re never too far away.

If you’re not sure where to go, call us on 1300 11 44 46.