Financial Counselling

Feeling stressed about your finances can lead to stress in many of aspects of life. Financial counselling helps people work through problems they may have with money. This includes managing a household budget, negotiating outstanding bills, or saving for the future.

How financial counselling can help

Financial Counselling is for anyone seeking financial information. It is an inclusive service appropriate for people in a broad range of circumstances no matter where you live or how much you earn.

We’re here to assist with immediate financial problems and look at your financial options. We support you to achieve the best outcome possible, while helping you maintain financial control.

Anglicare WA’s Financial Counsellors are qualified to:

  • Make assessments of financial situations
  • Provide information and options to address financial problems
  • Assist with resolutions if necessary
  • Advocate and negotiate with creditors
  • Make referrals to other useful services in the community
  • Provide information about government assistance
  • Support clients to develop their own budget
  • Relay relevant information about consumer credit and bankruptcy

We are part of the Financial Wellbeing Collective. Financial Counselling is free and confidential.

Make a booking

Anglicare WA provides consultations with Financial Counsellors via appointment. Please phone your nearest Anglicare WA office to make an appointment.


Anglicare WA is a member of the Financial Wellbeing Collective.

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