Supporting Children After Separation

The Supporting Children After Separation program offers short term individual counselling sessions and group sessions to children and young people. The counselling helps children and young people to explore their feelings about their parents' separation. 

What is the Supporting Children After Separation program?

The Supporting Children After Separation program is for children and young people up to 18 years of age who have parents who are going through a separation or have already separated.

The program helps children and young people to:

  • adjust to the changes that arise from separation
  • identify and express their feelings and thoughts about the separation
  • develop and enhance family relationships in what can be a difficult time
  • gain life skills and social skills that will enable them to face current and future challenges in their relationships and lives

After the initial individual session, the child or young person is given the option of moving into a group program. Some children and young people may not require individual counselling and can instead transition straight into the group program.

How the program helps

The group sessions are age appropriate and facilitated by experienced counsellors and provide emotional and psychological support for children and young people experiencing family separation.

The groups assist participants to develop emotional awareness and coping skills in a supportive environment. Having the opportunity to talk with others who have similar issues helps children and young people to normalise experiences, decrease feelings of isolation and increase their understanding about what is happening within their family.

The program also provides workshops for children during the school holiday periods.

Topics covered may include:

  • self-esteem
  • anger management
  • conflict resolution
  • managing stress and strong emotions
  • transitions and managing change

All services of the Supporting Children After Separation Program are free of charge.

How can the program be accessed?

Parents who are interested in supporting their children to attend the Supporting Children After Separation Program can call 1300 114 446 to make an appointment for themselves with a practitioner.

At this appointment, the parent has the opportunity to discuss their family situation prior to their children being seen. We do contact both parents to ensure the family is receiving the appropriate support from the service.  


The Supporting Children after Separation Program is offered in East Perth, Joondalup, Mandurah and Gosnells.

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