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Our history

Anglicare WA is a dynamic organisation dedicated to serving Western Australian individuals, families and communities. We are a trusted agency that plays an important role in our community. We were founded by the Anglican Archbishop Geoffrey Sambell in 1976 after many years of intense lobbying. 

Early history

In the 1960s, the Anglican Church began moves to establish a social service agency in Western Australia. However, it was not until the early 1970's that concrete progress was made.

In June 1972, Archbishop Geoffrey Sambell produced a paper entitled The Church and its place in health and welfare services. The following year, as part of his Synod Charge, he set out a how and why the Church was to develop in its social welfare and justice arm.

Sambell’s vision entailed a service agency that would empower clients to experience a sense of health and wholeness, and which “must always be ready to give an account of its services, to maintain standards…to continually evaluate its work and its performance and the needs it is servicing.” Indeed, the earliest work of the Field Services team was to consult with Anglican parishes to determine what needs existed in their local areas.

Foundation - and a new name

The agency became incorporated on 23 June 1976, under the name Anglican Health and Welfare Services (AHWS). Corporate legend goes that the receptionist was lamenting one day about her need to repeat the full name to every caller. A few people gathered around the desk and put forth a more user-friendly title – “Anglicare”. Anglicare is now used by our peak body Anglicare Australia and by associated agencies throughout the country.

The first operations of Anglicare WA were undertaken from premises at 52 Mount Street, Perth under the administrative leadership of Rev. Ray Poole, later moving to 42 Colin Street in West Perth. 

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