Young Hearts Child Counselling Service

The Young Hearts is a domestic violence counselling service for children, dedicated to breaking the cycle of family and domestic violence. We put young people first, helping the most vulnerable in our community build healthy relationships and develop skills to thrive in the future. 


What is Young Hearts?

Young Hearts' goal is to provide a safe living environment for women and children.

Counselling is available to children and young people up to (and including) 18 years of age. It takes place in a neutral, secure and supportive environment to enable children to explore their feelings surrounding violence and abuse. Our rooms are equipped with toys, art and craft materials, storybooks and other essentials to enable us to use different styles of therapy including play, narrative, art and behavioural therapy.

Young Hearts' counselling is safe, positive, supportive and helpful. The group work sessions address behaviour which may be the result of being exposed to or experiencing violence or abuse. There are no expectations for participants to tell us their story. We are here only to support you.

The group sessions enable participants to develop a strong sense of self and provides an avenue for you to release emotions in a safe and protected environment.

Young Hearts is free of charge and takes place over six to eight weeks.

Who can Young Hearts help?

Young Hearts is for children and young people up to and including 18 years old.

  • Exposed to family and domestic violence (even if they are in another room when the violence occurs)
  • Experienced physical or verbal violence
  • Experienced emotional abuse and neglect
  • Exposed to or experienced some or all of the above and are beginning to show signs of imitating violent or submissive behaviour


Support Young Hearts


Young Hearts is kindly supported by Austal and the Channel 7 Telethon Trust.

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