Financial Wellbeing

Financial uncertainty can be stressful and have a significant negative impact on our lives. The constant worry of an unexpected bill or an expensive school excursion takes its toll, but with managed finances that worry can be eased.

Anglicare WA services are not about quick fixes. We are here to help you in the long run. We help you put savings in the bank so you don’t have to worry when the fridge suddenly stops working or your car breaks down.

No interest loans and counselling

Our no interest loan programs and financial counselling are designed to help you rise above uncertainty and achieve financial confidence.

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Tracey's story

Employed as FIFO worker at a power station, Tracey hurt her back last year, costing her a few months off work and an inability to return to manual labour.

In the meantime, the high cost of utilities left her with a substantial electricity bill she couldn’t pay. 

Her power was ultimately disconnected, risking the health of her two asthmatic children now unable to use their nebulisers. Then her car broke down, ending family transport and preventing her from attending job interviews.   

Anglicare WA’s Financial Counselling service was able to work with Tracey’s energy provider to reconnect the power and scrap overdue fees. We then helped Tracey get a small, interest-free loan through our WA NILS service to repair her car, and in great news – Tracey now has a new job! 

Anglicare WA’s financial counselling service puts people in good stead to stay out of the debt cycle. More than 3,000 people used these services in the past year.

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