Street Connect

Our Street Connect Youth Workers provide a daily outreach in Perth with the Street Connect bus. They meet with young people on the streets, providing support in lots of different ways from referrals to counselling.

What is Street Connect?

Street Connect is a service that aims to make connections with marginalised young people who gather regularly in public places and engage them in positive life changes.

The service is provided by a team of Youth Workers who provide daily outreach via the Mobile Youth Resource Centre (the Street Connect Outreach Bus).

Why it's important

There is a proven need for assistance and guidance for young people who are sleeping rough. Research has indicated a tendency for such young people to eventually slide into substance abuse, mental health problems, and self-harm without professional intervention. Typically these young people have experienced family breakdown or drug and alcohol issues – these are not problems that they can resolve on their own, they need professional support.

Street Connect works to reduce the amount of time young people experiencing homelessness spend on Perth streets. Our team of youth workers engage with young people in a number of ways, from a friendly face on the street, to crisis intervention and intensive case management.

What our Youth Workers do

Our Youth Workers meet with young people on the streets, forming positive working relationships and providing informal counselling, referral to other helpful services, advocacy, crisis intervention and follow-up support.

They also assist young people to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to their use of public space. The outreach bus is stocked with information on services and referral resources, and also provides food and useful items including:

  • freshly made sandwiches
  • water
  • pregnancy tests
  • condoms
  • first aid kits
  • hygiene packs
  • sleeping bags
  • access to mobile phones/IT

Who is Street Connect for?

Street Connect assists, supports and educates 15-25 year old homeless and street-present young people. Street Connect is a mobile program that actively seeks out young people in need.


During the day the Street Connect Mobile resource Centre is located in Perth CBD.

Please call 0418 942 475 to find out where the Street Connect Team are based each day. 

You can also reach this service from our main East Perth office.

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