Street Connect

Our Street Connect Youth Workers provide outreach in Perth with the Street Connect bus. They meet with young people on the streets and in their communities, providing information, advocacy and link young people in with the services and support they need.

What is Street Connect?

Street Connect is a youth outreach service which provides support, advocacy and referral to young people who are street present or at risk of homelessness.

The Service is provided by a dedicated team of Youth Workers who provide outreach via the Street Connect bus and individual support where a young person is at risk.

We are a low barrier service and work with young people aged 15 – 25 who are:
  • Experiencing or at risk of homelessness
  • Facing multiple complex barriers to achieving and maintaining physical and mental health well being
  • Challenges in accessing mainstream youth services.

Why it's important

There is a proven need for assistance and guidance for young people who are sleeping rough. Research has indicated that young people who are rough sleeping and homeless, have possibly experienced complex trauma, relationship breakdown, family domestic violence and / or substance use in the home. This impacts their own mental health and wellbeing journey, including such things as education withdrawal, drug and alcohol issues, poverty, self-harm and other complex experiences in which they may benefit from professional support and guidance.

Street Connect works to reduce the amount of time young people experiencing homelessness spend on Perth streets. Our team of youth workers engage with young people in a number of ways, from a friendly face on the street, to crisis intervention and intensive case management.

What our Youth Workers do

Street Connect Youth Workers apply a strength based and trauma informed approach to our practice with young people. Guided by the WA Youth Work Code of Ethics, we recognise the individuality of all young people and their right to take the lead in decisions that involve and affect them.

Our Youth Workers meet with young people on the streets, forming positive working relationships and providing case management support, referral to other helpful services, advocacy, crisis intervention and follow-up support.

They also assist young people to understand their legal rights and responsibilities in relation to their use of public space.

The Street Connect bus is stocked with information and able to provide or assist in accessing useful items you need, such as:

  • freshly made sandwiches
  • water
  • condoms
  • First Aid supplies
  • toiletries
  • sleeping bags
  • sanitary products

Who is Street Connect for?

Street Connect is for any young person aged 15 – 25 years who is experiencing homelessness or at risk of homelessness who would like some support. Young people and others can refer themselves by visiting the Street Connect Bus or contacting us via the mobile number below or email us on


Please call 0418 942 475 to find out where the Street Connect Team are based each day. 

Street Connect are based at Foyer Oxford in Leederville, 196 Oxford Street, Leederville.

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