What We Believe

At Anglicare WA we believe that there is more to life than just getting by. We believe that everyone deserves to belong, have a hopeful future and know that they have the support they need to flourish. We have been supporting Western Australians for more than 40 years and we are well-placed to contribute to creating a fair and just WA where all people thrive.

Advocacy Priorities and Position Statements 2019-20

Anglicare WA provides a wide range of services in family violence, homelessness, financial stress, relationships, mental health, disability, youth services and parenting. We draw on our experience in 44 locations across the State to develop customised services for each community.

Through our work with individuals and families, we have learned about the structural issues shaping people’s lives, including structures that keep people in poverty, keep people out of the workforce, and prevent people from getting the support they need. We want to tackle some of those structural issues head on to support Western Australians. We aim to do this by conducting research, participating in public campaigns, engaging the wider community and influencing social policy.

In 2019/20, our advocacy is focused on poverty and inequality, housing and homelessness, Aboriginal recognition and justice, family and domestic violence, investing in young people, and strengthening community services. We have chosen these areas to leverage our experiences with communities, and because we see these as areas where we can contribute to social change in WA.

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Poverty and Inequality

Poverty and Inequality

Family and domestic violence

Family and Domestic Violence

housing and homelessness

Housing and Homelessness

investing in young people

Investing in Young People

Aboriginal recognition and justice

Aboriginal Recognition and Justice

Strengthening Community Services

Strengthening Community Services

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Anglicare WA offers a wide range of services and with more than 50 service locations across WA, we’re never too far away.

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