Our Experience

We believe that a just and fair society can only be achieved in a spirit of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Western Australians. We believe reconciliation will be advanced if we, as individuals and as an organisation:

  • Acknowledge and respect Aboriginal people as the original custodians of Australia
  • Strengthen our relationship with Aboriginal people and communities
  • Recognise and value the importance of Aboriginal Lore and cultural beliefs, traditions, and ‘ways of doing’
  • Strive for social justice with/for Aboriginal people, by improving the delivery of our services and insisting on equity and inclusion in all aspects of our work and the communities we walk alongside
  • Use a principle of empowerment in all Anglicare WA programs and activities

Anglicare WA provides services to almost 5,000 people each year who identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.

Anglicare WA has implemented a Reconciliation Action Plan. We believe we can have the biggest impact on addressing Aboriginal disadvantage by supporting Aboriginal clients with our services and supporting the Aboriginal community through our advocacy. 

What are the main issues?

  • Aboriginal Australians are over-represented amongst the State’s most disadvantaged people
  • Addressing Aboriginal disadvantage is a core part of achieving Anglicare WA’s purpose and vision
  • Community service providers, governments and communities have a shared responsibility to achieve equity
  • The strength and resilience of Aboriginal families and communities is essential to growing healthy societies. Being part of a healthy community helps people to grow, to connect and to feel a sense of belonging which leads to better lives and social outcomes

What should be done?

Constitutional Recognition

Recognise the voice of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as expressed in the Uluru Statement from the Heart and support the call for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in the Australian Constitution. Support the establishment of a Makarrata Commission to enable a fair and truthful relationship between all Australians.

Respect knowledge and expertise of Aboriginal peoples

Advocate for approaches that build on the strength and resilience of Aboriginal people, families and communities. Partner with Aboriginal Community Controlled Organisations (ACCOs) to support and learn from one another in building each other’s organisations and to ensure Aboriginal people have a voice in service design and delivery across WA.

Empower Aboriginal communities

Provide adequate funding and culturally appropriate services to reduce the economic, social and political disparities between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people in WA. Invest in Aboriginal communities and ACCOs to develop place-based solutions.

What are we doing?

  • A member of the Social Reinvestment WA network that works for systemic change and ‘smart’ justice to end the over-representation of Aboriginal people in custody in WA
  • Supporting the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the formation of a Makarrata Commission

What you can do



Speak out

  • Talk to friends and family about Aboriginal recognition and justice in Australia
  • Organise an event in your area to empower people to speak out about Aboriginal recognition and justice
  • Contact your elected officials in the WA Parliament and the Australian Parliament and tell them you support Aboriginal recognition and justice
  • Share your thoughts on social media:

Feeling lost?

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