For people experiencing family or domestic violence, the impact of the abuse is long-lasting and the knock-on effects damage our society as a whole.

Anglicare WA offers a range of services to assist victims of family and domestic violence, to help them build healthy relationships and develop skills to thrive in the future.

We also work with perpetrators to help them manage their anger and learn to communicate in a healthy, effective and safe manner.


Mother and two daughters sitting on a couch reading
Charlotte's story

Last year, Charlotte and her two young children made the difficult and painful decision to flee her family home, escaping her partner of 10 years.

He had been abusing her mentally and physically and his obsessive and paranoid behaviour had escalated to using dangerous weapons to assault her.

Charlotte fled with her children to her parents’ house many kilometres away and sought refuge with them. She was soon granted a Violence Restraining Order against her partner and was referred to the Anglicare WA Family and Domestic Violence team by the Court.

After careful assessment and discussions with police, we at Anglicare WA were concerned for Charlotte and her children’s safety, so we moved them out of reach of her partner to start a new life.

We found a safe area with secure housing. We made sure she had emergency relief money for food, clothes and other essentials. We connected Charlotte to our financial counsellors to help get her back on her feet, regain her independence, and introduced her to Legal Aid and Victim Support Services.

Charlotte and her children are now settled into long-term housing and our team has helped Charlotte purchase a car, establish the kids in the local school and buy uniforms and stationery. Their life is so much safer and happier now.


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