YES! Housing

YES! Housing (Youth Externally Supported Housing) can help young people aged between
15-25 years who are at risk of, or are currently homeless, gain access and maintain stable,
longer-term housing whilst assisting and helping them grow their skills.

What is YES! Housing?

YES! Housing (Youth Externally Supported Housing) Program helps young people aged 15–25yrs who are homeless or at risk of homelessness to access and maintain stable, longer-term housing with added support to develop independent living and tenancy skills, and support to address any barriers into housing. This is done through case planning, advocacy and referrals that is totally unique to the individual, so they are supported to achieve their goals.

YES! Housing is able to work with various family groups including singles, couples and young parents to assist them to obtain safe secure and affordable housing option. Through holistic case management YES! Housing can support young people to address any barriers that impact accessing housing, such as mental health, AOD, FD, family breakdown, low income etc. this is done via advocacy and referral to specialised support services. Once housed young people are supported to develop their independent living skills to maintain and sustain their tenancies. We can also help tenants settle into their new neighbourhood and community.

Young parents connected to YES! Housing are supported via Young Parents Yarning program, which is able to support young parents with skills confidence and knowledge. This can be done via one-to-one support, playgroup, parenting workshops and providing links to parenting supports within their community.

YES! Housing is flexible in terms of timeframes for support and will continue to work with young people as long as they have goals they want to achieve, up to 25yrs of age.

YES! Housing also offers transitional accommodation for young parents and couples for up to 12 months.  These units are located inner city area and provide the opportunity to work on goals in a supported environment whilst developing a rental history. Please note that allocation to the transitional units are for young families already engaged in case management support with YES! Housing.

Through outreach case management, YES! Housing has been assisting young people for over 30 years to apply for Department of Housing tenancies in addition to providing assistance to access alternative housing options including, but not limited to, community housing, private rentals, transitional and crisis accommodation. Once housed young people are supported to maintain and sustain their tenancies.


What support looks like?

YES! Housing Youth Workers provides holistic, strengths-based outreach case management support, guided by the WA Youth Work Code of Ethics, we recognise the individuality of all young people and their right to take the lead in decisions that involve and affect them.

Our Youth Workers will come and meet with young people in their local area and can also met in your home if deemed appropriate, forming positive working relationships and provide case management support to address barriers to accessing safe, stable accommodation. This is done through referrals to appropriate services, advocacy, goal setting and planning. 

As support provided is individual to each person so is the time frame of engagement. Short term intervention: 3 to 6 months focusing on short term housing goals such as support to apply for Department of Housing waitlist and priority waitlist as well as support to access crisis and medium-term accommodation. Medium to long term support:12 months plus, support to access specialised services to help address barriers to housing, support to obtain, maintain and sustain accommodation. Engagement with the service requires young people to agree to meet the YES! Housing youth worker regularly and a mutual agreement to work on goals developed.

Whilst YES! Housing primary support focus is housing and supporting young people access safe stable accommodation, which includes apply for DOH, community housing and private rentals as well as support young people with tenancy and independent living skills in order to maintain and sustain their tenancies. Other areas of support can include, budgeting and financial literacy, employment and education, parenting and pregnancy support, support to access specialise services though warm referral pathways and advocacy support.


How to make referrals for case management support

For self-referrals please call us on our duty number (08)9263 2009 or you can email is on and a member of our team will get back to you to complete an over the phone referral.

If you are a support worker wanting to make referral, you can call or email our duty line and request a referral form to be sent out to you. Please note all referrals need to be completed with the young person. If refereeing a couple please complete separate referral forms.

How to know if we are open for referral

Our out of office on our phone and email is updated regularly to advise if we are accepting referrals for case management to look at housing options. Please note we do not hold a waitlist.


Through outreach case management support, we are able to work with young people across the Perth metropolitan area, from Joondalup to Rockingham.

The program can be contacted by phoning (08) 9263 2009 or by emailing


YES! Housing is funded by the Department for Child Protection through the National Affordable Housing Agreement.

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