Our COVID-19 Response

View the latest information on our COVID-19 response here.

Regular updates available via the WA Government.

Our offices have now returned to providing in-person service delivery

The risk of COVID-19 transmission in Western Australia remains high.

Although we have returned to in-person service delivery, clients are offered a choice of online or telehealth appointments where possible. Speak to your supporting Anglicare WA staff member for more details.

If you feel unwell, we kindly ask you to stay home and facilitate your appointment online or via phone. If preferred, our staff may kindly reschedule your in-person appointment once you have recovered. 

We encourage clients to wear masks when visiting Anglicare WA services. Masks must be worn where social distancing is not possible.

Group sessions will be facilitated in reduced group sizes in ventilated spaces.

Accessing support for Family and Domestic Violence during Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Research indicates domestic violence may increase during natural disasters such as Coronavirus (COVID-19). Social distancing and isolation can increase these risks further.

There are many organisations in WA that want you to know we are still open to those at risk of, or experiencing, family and domestic violence.

This fact sheet contains:

  • Contact information for Family and Domestic Violence service
  • What to do if you are concerned that someone in your community is experiencing violence at home

Download the fact sheet.

Feeling lost?

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If you’re not sure where to go, call us on 1300 11 44 46.


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