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Our purpose and vision

Anglicare WA is a leading not-for-profit organisation highly regarded by clients, funders and donors. We play an important part in building strong communities and families. We influence policy makers and ensure that institutions and systems are attuned to the needs of all people in our community. Our work is achieved in a spirit of reconciliation between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Western Australians. 

Our Purpose

To work together in trusted relationships with people and families across Western Australia who partner with us on a journey to thriving.

Our Vision

A just and fair Western Australia where all people thrive.

Our Values

Underlying Anglicare WA's commitment to providing help to those in need are our values, drawn from our history and connection to the Anglican Church.


We are non-judgemental, non-discriminatory and accepting of all people.


We recognise that trust is a key element of the success of our work with our clients as well as in our relationship with the Board, staff, volunteers and key funding and service partners.


We have a deep awareness and understanding of the needs, aspirations, joy and pain of others.  We want to make a difference, particularly to people and families in greatest need.


We show consideration for others and recognise each individual for his/her own unique talents and experiences.   We treat others with the highest degree of dignity and understanding.


We walk alongside others to uncover and enable the strengths and talents of each person to help them thrive and we strive to build community and advocate for social justice.


With courage and determination we stand by our values and beliefs and act on them in our work and our advocacy.  We actively seek out and support our partners who share these aspirations.

Social Change Alliance

Anglicare WA is proud to be part of the Social Change Alliance, a group of Western Australian based community services organisations working together to reduce disadvantage in our State.

Feeling lost?

Anglicare WA offers a wide range of services and with more than 50 service locations across WA, we’re never too far away.

If you’re not sure where to go, call us on 1300 11 44 46.