Student Wellbeing Services

As part of our vision to create a just and fair Western Australia where everyone can thrive, Anglicare WA’s Student Wellbeing Service aims to build the confidence and resilience of children and young people so that they can remain engaged and connected to school, fulfil their potential, and become active members of their communities.

We’re proud to partner with the Department of Education in this new program. We will provide student wellbeing services to Western Australian public schools, commencing in Term 1, 2024.

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What we can provide 

All of our Student Wellbeing Officers are equipped with contemporary knowledge and experience of the issues facing children and young people, and the highest standards of professional practice.  

While the day to day activities of School Wellbeing Officers will vary according to the unique needs and requirements of individual schools, Anglicare WA’s School Wellbeing Officers can provide: 

• Meaningful engagement with students through a wide range of school-based activities. 
• Individual informal support for students that is strengths-based and solution focused.  
• Support for students to connect with professional staff within the school eg. school nurse, school psychologist. 
• Knowledge of and linkages to community-based support services and programs, and identification of referral pathways for young people. 
• Support for young people to access and connect with community-based services.
• If requested by the school, outreach to disengaged students and their families.  
Provision, brokerage and/or facilitation of school wellbeing workshops or programs, including on subjects such as healthy relationships; healthy lifestyles; mindfulness; mental wellbeing; cyber safety and - for older students - independent living skills; sexual health and relationships; legal information; conflict resolution and setting boundaries. 
• Contribution to the development of whole school wellbeing strategies. 
• Sensitive and culturally safe ways of working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students, and students from culturally diverse backgrounds. 
• Inclusive support for LGBTQIA+ students and contribution to the creation of a safe and inclusive school environment for all students. 
• Integrated knowledge of Anglicare WA services.  


Why work with Anglicare WA's Student Wellbeing Services?

Child Safe Youth Safe
Commitment to inclusion
Practice governance
Integrated service model

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