Raising Emotionally Resilient Children  

Would you like your children to be resilient and know how to manage difficulties in life? The  two hour seminar teaches you how to improve your child’s emotional intelligence to increase resilience, concentration, friendships and help them through difficult times such as divorce or grief and loss.  

Languages of Love and Children

Gary Chapman, author of Five Love Languages for Children, says 'Loving our children isn’t always enough. Learning to speak their love language communicates your love in ways they’ll understand right from the beginning.'

The seminar provides you with insight into your child’s own love language and provides you with the tools to communicate through this language.

Cyber Sense and Sensibility

As technology advances parents need some guidance to help their children consider the potential consequences of their online choices. Children are often more tech-savvy than their parents but do not necessarily have the emotional maturity to realise the far reaching implications of their actions. Join other parents to explore ways to communicate ethical online behaviours and decision making.

    Step Families  

    Step families face unique challenges which are not always recognised and different strategies are often needed to meet family needs. In the  three week course, share experiences and add to your skills to make your stepfamily stronger. Topics include:

    • Influences from the past
    • Living with someone else’s children
    • The discipline challenge
    • New roles and strengthening the couple relationship.

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