WA Social Research Network

The WA Social Research Network was formed in 2018 to encourage communication and collaboration among researchers involved in several large, cross-disciplinary projects aimed at improving social outcomes.

While individual research projects will result in unique insights into barriers and enablers to improve social outcomes, there is tremendous opportunity to strengthen social research through collective engagement and learning across projects to effectively translate research findings into positive change. 

The purpose of the network is:

  • Cross-sector Learning and Development: to learn from one another and share information relating to methods, recruitment, barriers and opportunities. 
  • Enhanced Engagement: to provide regular, public communications and presentations on the projects, including progress, developments and findings.
  • Effective Knowledge Translation and Advocacy: to apply findings from research to influence change for WA families and communities, and to raise the profile of social research in WA.

You can join the WA Social Research Network via LinkedIn or sending an email to

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