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Anglican Church

Our connection to the Anglican Church

Anglicare WA is a dynamic organisation dedicated to serving Western Australian individuals, families and communities. We are a trusted agency that plays an important role in our community. We were founded by the Anglican Archbishop Geoffrey Sambell in 1976 after many years of intense lobbying. His vision was to create a welfare and justice arm of the Anglican Church, offering charitable and health services in the Perth metropolitan area. This is how Anglican Health and Welfare Services came into being. 

Archbishop Geoffrey’s vision has evolved and expanded in the scope and range of services we offer. Anglicare WA offers services as one of many organisations operating as the Anglican Community in Western Australia.

The Anglican Community comprises of three dioceses which include many churches, schools, chaplaincies, pastoral and service agencies. These are the Dioceses of Bunbury, Perth and North-West Australia.  Anglicare WA wishes to acknowledge the importance of its continuing relationship with the Anglican Province of WA and the opportunities this has created to reach out to many people in our community.

Church Partnerships are made between parishes, schools and other Anglican organisations to strengthen the work of Anglicare WA and to enable the Anglican Community to fulfil its calling to serve. These relationships have strengthened our ability to reach out to a growing number of children, young people and families all over our state.

Anglicare WA offer a number of resources to assist faith communities in their community service. We have a range of published materials available through the Diocese of Perth , and provide advice and consultancy for local projects through our Church Partnerships team.

If you would like to know more about Church Partnerships please contact:

Bec Stott
Director - Philanthropy & Enterprise
Phone: (08) 9263 2077
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Our connection to the Christian story

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