Parenting Connection WA

Parenting Connection WA (PCWA), is your go-to program for universal parenting support in WA. Parenting Connection WA works to empower WA parents and caregivers with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to nurture their child's wellbeing and development from birth to 18 years.

In collaboration with Anglicare WA, Ngala, and Wanslea, PCWA is proudly funded by the Department of Communities.

Parenting Connection WA offers:

  • Special parenting expert speaker events
  • Workshops on various parenting topics
  • Individual Consultations
  • Community Events
  • Services are available both online and face-to-face in nine regions across WA.

Parenting Connection WA free parenting programs covers topics including:

  • How to enhance the parent-child relationship (building connection and strengthening attachment)
  • Sleep and settling techniques
  • Breastfeeding, starting solids and fussy eaters
  • Emotion coaching and self-regulation
  • Courses just for dads
  • Managing anxiety and building resilience in children
  • Dealing with conflict and anger in children
  • Parenting after separation
  • Protective behaviours
  • Screen-time boundaries
  • Playgroups, parent support groups and more

To explore Parenting Connection WA events calendar and to stay up to date with upcoming events, you can visit the Parenting Connection WA website of follow them on Facebook.

Parenting Connection WA Parenting Coordinators:

PCWA coordinators are based locally across nine regions in WA and are trained and able to recommend suitable parenting programs that will support parents and caregivers based on their unique needs and situations.

Parenting Coordinator Locations

North West Metro
South West
Peel Binjareb
Great Southern

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