Marooloo Child Sexual Response Service

The Marooloo Service provides culturally appropriate support and education to children, individuals, families and communities affected by child sexual abuse.

How the service helps

The Marooloo Child Sexual Abuse Response Service provides support and education to children, individuals, families and communities in Derby.

The program caters to children who have suffered or are at risk of sexual abuse. It also provides education to families and communities. Although the program operates from a central office, outreach services to communities in the Derby region are provided.

The program operates under the guidance of an Elder Women’s Advisory Group and an inclusive reference group.

Services include:

  • Culturally appropriate counselling and healing for children who are victims of sexual abuse and their families
  • Education, both one-on-one and in groups, that teaches children and their families:
    • How to spot and avoid potential danger
    • How to minimise risk of sexual abuse
    • What avenues are available to them if they are exposed to sexual abuse in any capacity
    • General life skills
    • Training for adults and parents that raises their awareness of child sexual abuse in the wider community, and raises their understanding of its impact
    • Group activities and courses that encourage the community to unite and take responsibility for ensuring that children are not sexually abused

All services are provided free of charge.


The program is based at the Ngunga Women's Resource Centre, on Loch Street in Derby. The program provides outreach services in the surrounding communities.

The program can be phoned on (08) 9193 1455. The central office is open from 8am to 4pm Monday – Friday.


Marooloo Child Sexual Abuse Response Service is funded by the Department of Child Protection.

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