How many times have you driven to a familiar destination and then realised you couldn’t remember the journey? Mindfulness allows us to address difficulties in a calm and creative way. Instead of acting from a place of habitual patterns we are able to respond to difficulties as opposed to reacting to them. Mindfulness enables us to be present in situations where autopilot often prevails.

In this seminar, you have an opportunity to learn about the benefits of mindfulness for mental health and wellbeing and take away  user friendly activities even the busiest person can engage with.

Life can be Tough – Bend don’t Break

Lifetime wellbeing for individuals, families and communities is linked to developing resilient behaviours. But what does resilience look like? It is definitely not a matter of being tough in every circumstance no matter what life throws at you, and it is not a fixed trait which a lucky few inherit. This seminar gives you the opportunity to explore how resilience contributes to your health and wellbeing as well as some practical ways to enhance your resilience throughout your life.

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