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Everyone plays a part in building a fair and just community where all people thrive.

You can make a difference


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Educate yourself about the issues that affect your community. Find out the depth and breadth of the problem, find out what policies and promises the government has made on these issues, and explore the challenges faced by people living in entrenched disadvantage.

Learn about Anglicare WA's advocacy priorities:

Read Anglicare WA’s research or news and publications that help to amplify the need for social justice and change.


Listen to those who have lived experience and spend time in your community to learn about what action groups or initiatives are already in place, and to identify what areas of need remain.

Speak out

There are many ways you can contribute to social change.

Raise awareness about poverty and other social justice issues
Build a community that supports those going through a tough time
Call for fair and effective Government policies

Join your voice with ours

It takes many voices, from many directions, to bring about social and policy change.

Lend your voice to ours, and help us promote fairness, equity and respect in your own community, within your own sphere of influence.

To become a community advocate, sign up for our Advocate for Change News to get updates on what is happening in our advocacy space and how you can be involved.

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