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These services are available through the generosity of WA businesses, government, and people like you.

If you’re in a position to contribute, we’d greatly appreciate your support.

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Advocate for Change

Everyone plays a part in building a fair and just community where all people thrive.

You can make a difference


Join and Do

  • Make a donation to Anglicare WA, and incorporate donation options into events that you host or attend. 

  • Provide emotional and practical support to those in your own social network who might be facing financial hardship, mental health challenges, relationship difficulties or other life challenges. Check out the Friend in Need app for tips on what you can do to help. 

Speak Out

  • Share what you learn about the issues in your community with your friends, family and colleagues.  

  • Organise an event in your area to empower people to speak out about injustice or inequity. 

  • Contact your elected officials in the WA State Parliament and the Australian Federal Parliament and encourage them to take action to alleviate poverty and inequality 

  • During election time, find out where your local representatives stand on issues relating to poverty and inequality, housing and homelessness, family and domestic violence, or Aboriginal recognition and justice. Vote accordingly! 

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