Public Tenancy Support

Public Tenancy Support can support you if you are living in public housing provided by the Western Australian Department of Communities and are in danger of losing your tenancy. We are here to help you keep a roof over your head.

What is Public Tenancy Support?

Public Tenancy Support supports people living in public housing provided by the Western Australian Department of Communities, who are in danger of losing their tenancy.

If you are eligible for the service, housing support workers will visit you in your home, assess your situation and help plan a solution that best suits you.

The service can help to address problems including rental arrears, housing conditions and cleanliness, and anti-social behaviour. The support workers can negotiate and advocate on your behalf, assist with budgeting, assist with filling in paperwork, and show you appropriate methods of house keeping and home management.

The service is designed to provide immediate assistance to solve the current problems, but also to arm you with the knowledge and capacity to retain your tenancy independently.

How can Public Tenancy Support be accessed?

You can be referred to the service by a Department of Housing Accommodation Manager. More information can be obtained by contacting your local or regional Department of Housing office.


The service is located in Albany, Bunbury, Collie, Katanning and Narrogin.

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