What is the Mums and Dads Forever program?

Mums and Dads Forever is a Parenting Orders Program and is designed to assist parents who are separated navigate their way through family separation by offering support, information and enhancement of skills to deal with current issues and prevent future issues from arising. The program focusses on assisting families to reduce conflict and develop more positive ways to communicate, so that their children are not "caught in the middle". The Mums and Dads Forever Program helps parents understand how conflict impacts children and young people so that parents can support their children through the separation process.

Mums and Dads Forever program offers pycho-educational groups, providing information and support to parents. The groups run for a period of eight weeks and each session is two hours long. There are some variations of the delivery of groups to parents whose work commitments make it challenging to attend on a weekly basis. The themes covered in the group include; the separation process, managing emotions, conflict management and effective communication, impact of separation and conflict on children, setting boundaries, understanding oneself and own and children's needs. Parents do not attend the group with their former partners.

The program also offers short term individual counselling to parents who have attended or are attending the group program. The counsellors are highly qualified, professional staff who are experienced in working with families, and have a good knowledge of family separation. 

Who is Mums and Dads Forever for?

Mums and Dads Forever is for separated families, and parents who are experiencing conflict, would like support and strategies to deal with this conflict and are concerned about the impact of conflict on their children.

How can Mums and Dads Forever be accessed?

The service can be contacted on 1300 11 44 46 in order to make an appointment. All service locations are open Monday to Friday including late nights.

Fees for Mums and Dads Forever

There are fees for both attendance at the group program and also for individual counselling sessions:

  • Intake and Assessment/Counselling $40 (waged) $20 (Health care card holders)
  • 8 week Group Program $100 (waged) $50 (Health care card holders)
  • 2 day Group Program $150  (FIFO, shift workers who are unable to attend weekly group only)

Locations for Mums and Dads Forever 

Mums and Dads Forever services are offered in the following locations:

East Perth, Joondalup, Gosnells, Mandurah

Phone: 1300 114 446


Phone: 9720 9200


Phone: 9845 6666


Phone: 9193 8100


Phone: 9143 1880

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