Community Advocates

Anglicare WA is seeking Community Advocates who want to contribute to social change aligned with Anglicare WA’s advocacy priorities. Each person has their own unique skills and strengths they bring to every situation and advocacy landscape. 


Our Community Advocacy personas:

• Behind the scenes legends
• Provides support
• Great mediator

• Stand up, speak up, show up
• Risk taker
• Empowers others 

 • Hands on approach
• Practical solutions
• Grass roots approach working with start-ups

• Researching (all about the facts)
• Creating questions, issues and stories for a wider picture
• Not afraid to dig 

• Creatives who share their knowledge in alternative artsy ways
• Spreads news, information and ideas
• Enjoys public speaking

'What kind of Advocate are you?' – Watch our short video series on YouTube

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