Kalgoorlie Accommodation Support Service

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What is the Kalgoorlie Accommodation Support Service?

The Kalgoorlie Accommodation Support Service provides access to Department of Housing accommodation for a period of 12 months to women with or without children, who are homeless or escaping family domestic violence. An Anglicare WA housing support worker will visit regularly and have phone contact with residents to develop a collaborative support plan with them. Working together will identify any issues that have contributed to the individual’s homelessness and propose solutions, including referrals to useful organisations, financials strategies, and appropriate education and training opportunities.

The housing support workers have been trained to assist individuals in their physical and emotional recovery from the trauma of domestic violence. Referrals to professional counselling can be organised through Anglicare WA's extensive range of services.

The service is designed to be culturally sensitive.

Anglicare WA hopes to build the capacity of individuals and families, and provide them with the necessary tools to maintain tenancy independently.

Who is the Kalgoorlie Accommodation Support Service for?

The service is for single women, with or without children, who are victims of domestic violence and, as a result, are either homeless or at imminent risk of homelessness.

People who use this service must be a permanent resident of Australia.

How can the Kalgoorlie Accommodation Support Service be accessed?

Inquiries about the service can be made by calling: 9068 1845.

Where can Kalgoorlie Accommodation Support Service be found?

The service operates in Kalgoorlie.


The service is funded by the Department for Child Protection. The service works closely with the Department of Housing.

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