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Nov 30, 2023

Impending Stage 3 tax cuts will only serve to widen the gap, benefiting wealthier households, and will have no impact on families on minimum wages suffering through the cost of living crisis.

Anglicare WA Chief Executive Officer Mark Glasson said a new Anglicare Australia report, released today, shows that vulnerable communities and families had been forgotten by the Federal Government, and called for the planned tax cuts to be scrapped.

“These tax cuts will give no relief to those most impacted by the cost of living crisis,” Mr Glasson said. “They will serve to benefit wealthier households at the expense of those in our community who need help the most.”

The Anglicare Australia Trickle Up report, released today, shows the Stage 3 tax cuts will go to the highest income earners in the country and leave behind people who need cost of living aid.

The report finds that:
  • People earning over $180,000 will gain $233.65 a fortnight
  • People earning more than $200,000 will gain $349.04 a fortnight
  • A person on an average income will receive $14 extra a fortnight, and low income earners will get no benefit at all.

The report says: “If the Australian Government can afford to redistribute a quarter of a trillion dollars in revenue to the country’s highest income earners, then it can surely afford to help those which have been hit the hardest by recent cost of living pressures.”

Mr Glasson said many West Australians were under incredible pressure due to the cost of living crisis and required significant assistance just to get by.

“Thousands of West Australians are struggling. We are moving into the busiest time of the year for our services and demand is at a high,” he said.

“We took more than 3000 calls last month from people seeking food and emergency relief – that’s 1000 more than this time last year, and lays bare the gravity of the cost of living crisis.

“We are seeing more people prioritising keeping a roof over their head and that means they can’t afford their food, utility bills, keep their car on the road or other basic essentials.

“People on more than $180,000 a year are well buttressed from cost of living pressures and have more options to respond. Families on the minimum wage are not in this position and are suffering – we are seeing that in increased calls to our services for support every day.

“It is time to call an end to this folly. The world has changed and there are far more important ways to spend $254 billion.”

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