Anglicare WA conducts the Rental Affordability Snapshot each year to highlight the lack of affordable options for low-income households, particularly those that rely on Government income support payments and, increasingly, those on the minimum wage.  

It will come as no surprise to most that rental affordability has worsened in WA. These households are priced out of the private rental market across the State, paying way too much of their income in rent or living in various forms of homelessness like sleeping rough, couch surfing, or severe overcrowding. 

Our findings at a glance 

  • There is nothing affordable for someone on Jobseeker anywhere– not even a room. 
  • Less than 1% of available properties are affordable for most people on other income support payments. 

  • Median rent price last year increased: 
  • 12% in the Perth metro area to $480 
  • 13.5% in the South West and Great Southern to $420 
  • 9% in the North West to $600   

  • Low Availability was a major driving force  
  • Rising rents and housing stress were compounded by the rising costs of other essentials. 
  • Stagnant wages equate to a real cut in income that captures more households in housing stress and poverty.

 Read the whole report including what we think needs to change for the better and how you can share your voice.  

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