Our commitment to the LGBTQA+ Community

As a fiercely inclusive organisation, Anglicare WA celebrates and welcomes the LGBTQA+ community. We are always seeking to be better LGBTQA+ allies, and to offer support to our clients, staff, and wider community wherever possible.

Rainbow Network

Since the 2017 plebiscite on same-sex marriage in Australia, Anglicare WA's Rainbow Network has worked to increase awareness of LGBTQA+ issues, capacity building for front line staff and acknowledgement of LGBTQA+ dates of significance. In line with our organisational value of being fiercely inclusive, the Rainbow Network aims to foster a culture at Anglicare WA where people feel safe and supported to be themselves.

In March 2020, the Rainbow Network released its first Action Plan, which outlines Anglicare WA's continued commitment to further improving the inclusion and wellbeing of LGBTQA+ staff and clients.

To find out more, please feel free to download the Action Plan using the link below.


As a fiercely inclusive organisation, we welcome all people. This includes all gender identities and sexes. As part of this, we encourage our staff to use appropriate language and pronouns, both in our organisation and through our work in the community.

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