Anglicare WA supports a Voice to Parliament

Anglicare WA is proud to join many other organisations across Australia in declaring support for the Yes vote in the Referendum.

The date for the Indigenous Voice to Parliament referendum will be Saturday 14 October

Our support is unwavering for a First Nations Voice to Parliament.

We’re proud to say we have a long history of working closely with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples across Western Australia, as colleagues, clients, advisors and partners in social change.

Our work at Anglicare WA is in service delivery to people and communities facing vulnerability and disadvantage and also in advocacy and research. Through this work we have learned about the structural issues that keep people in poverty, keep people out of the workforce and prevent people from getting the support they need. We want to tackle some of those structural issues head on to support people and communities in WA. 

At Anglicare WA our advocacy is focused on creating justice and fairness. We have been an ally on voice, treaty and truth in support of the Uluru Statement from the Heart since 2017 and accept this gracious invitation of hope and peace to walk together for a better future for all. 

Our organisational position is in support of a Voice to Parliament. Just as we speak on poverty, homelessness and violence against women and children, we are supporting a Yes vote in the Voice Referendum as we believe it will address an existing injustice that prevents people from thriving. 

If you would like to learn more about the Uluru Statement from the Heart and a Voice to Parliament, listed below are some helpful resources.

RAP Partner Joint Statement 2 July 2023

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