Tom's Story

At just 18 years of age, Tom* and his 15 year old sister Alice* were homeless. With no family to turn to, they lived in his small car. Their health suffered and they were losing hope.
You have the power to change stories like theirs.

Meet Tom

When we first met Tom he was living in his car with his younger sister.

For four years, they had cared for their father after their mother passed away. Overwhelmed with grief, their father turned to alcohol. He became unpredictable and violent.

The abuse eventually took its toll and Tom and Alice fled for their safety.

With no means to keep food fresh, they struggled to save money and maintain their good health. They depended on public barbecues and toilets in local parks.

Fortunately, Tom met an Anglicare WA Financial Counsellor who helped create a budget and negotiated vehicle repayments so he could keep his car. They received an Anglicare WA Suitcase of Hope, full of life’s basic essentials like toothbrushes, hygiene products and food vouchers. This package, while seemingly small, made an enormous difference to Tom and Alice.

With ongoing support, Tom and Alice are now in long-term stable accommodation. Optimistic for the future, Tom is now studying at TAFE with the plan to go to university next year. 

How you can help

Sadly, situations like this aren’t unique. We are seeing more and more cases of young people needing urgent financial, housing and trauma support.

You can make a difference to these young lives. Your gift of $148 can provide a Suitcase of Hope to help people like Tom and his sister Alice. Please donate today.

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